The Master

The Master

The Master is one of the greatest film of all time of action category. For me, a good movie is one which has several smart conversations and if those collective conversations brings up the central idea of the movie, it’s a delight. If a movie can manipulate me to stay on the whole without bat of an eye, that's fucking impressive. I'm big fan of action movies I really enjoy the soundtrack, it is pure sould of that movie. The amount of details and little aspects of the movie that you can find yeras later is really amazing. Non stop awesome from start to finish, thats all. I wanted to add this full movie to the web, you can now check this movie online here. Now watch and enjoy this amazing adventure.

Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime

Actors: Jet Li, Wah Yuen, Crystal Kwok, Jerry Trimble

Directors: Hark Tsui

Country: Hong Kong

Quality: HD

Release: 1992

IMDb: 7,4

Views: 46