Hello Mr. Billionaire

Hello Mr. Billionaire

For me this movie is one of the best movie released in year 2018. The best movie online? This is an answer that has been changed many times in my life and probably will change many more times. But at this moment for me it is Hello Mr. Billionaire I know it gets a lot of stick for that it is the mainstream popular movie for pleb, but honestly I can not think of anything wrong when watching Hello Mr. Billionaire Hello Mr. Billionaire filled me with difficult to explain energy got me so immersed in it. I knew nothing about that movie before, never even seen a trailer, but I enjoyed it from the first seconds. Movie opening song still gives me goosebumps and increase temperature of my body. Movie with the best dialogues I know. I bought this movie with blu-ray quality last time so I decided to upload full movie here, now you can watch this great movie here live, for free. I really recommend this movie to everyone, watch and enjoy.

Genre: Comedy

Actors: Teng Shen, Vivian Sung, Yiming Zhang

Directors: Da-Mo Peng, Fei Yan

Country: China

Quality: HD

Release: 2018

IMDb: 7,2

Views: 44